April Fool or St. Stupid … or both?

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If you can’t make a fool of yourself on April Fool’s Day, when can you? And it’s so easy to become one! Just join the 33rd annual Saint Stupid’s Day Parade, founded in the late 1970s and still going strong.

The Parade is sponsored by the illustrious First Church of the Last Laugh, which is run by the Supreme Pontiff, Bishop Joey (other members of the church include Archbishop Wavy Gravy, and the nameless Cardinal who is the Supreme Arch-Bishop as well as Chief Ecclesiastical Occultist).

Back to the Parade. It starts on the Embarcadero at Justin Herman Plaza and follows a time-honored route, zig-zagging through the Financial District and making worshipful stops at the Stations of the Stupid.

Oddly enough, or maybe not so oddly, the Stations of the Stupid are almost all financial institutions. They include:

  • Station #7, The Bankers Heart (a sculpture by Masayuki Nagare that sits before 555 California Street, the former Bank of America Center), where you’ll enjoy a penny toss;
  • Station #3, The Statue of the Bare Butt Mechanics (known to the non-stupid as the Mechanics Monument at Market & Battery Streets), where some people will probably display their butts to an unimpressed public;
  • And the Federal Reserve Bank HQ, where the Ritual of the Dead Lottery Ticket will occur.

To participate, be at Justin Herman Plaza at Market and Embarcadero no later than noon on Friday, April 1. Wear bizarre and outrageous clothing, bring noise-makers, and carry a wacky sign that says something pointed about “the business of religion or the religion of business.” Most of all, be prepared to make a fool of yourself!

Watch a video of the 2010 St. Stupid’s Day Parade: Saint Stupid’s Parade 2010

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