The San Francisco Waterfront app continues to receive excellent reviews! So far, they are all five-star ratings.

Here’s what people are saying:

San Francisco Waterfront
by Paxphile
Brilliant! All my favorite spots are covered plus some new little goodies to explore. I really like the in-depth coverage of the iconic spots like Alcatraz. At this price, it makes a great gift.

Great app
by bzdp
I bought this app and I love it. Lots of interesting stuff to read, useful links, distance to each site, button to call a cab, etc. Very functional and clever.

Who Knew?
by Captain Spook
An interactive guide book and map in your shirt pocket! I found so many “who knew?” items about San Francisco’s waterfront! Most useful were the references to how near or far sites were. A great time saver and idea generator.

San Francisco Waterfront
by KMis
Love this app for my favorite part of the city—so many places I hadn’t yet discovered. It’s a whole city in itself—I’m already using it every time I’m in SF. Fab photos, too, And lively, fun descriptions.

Glad I bought this one; it’s fun to read.
by Travel Grrrl 11
Love this app. It’s fun to read (especially the Hog Island Oyster entry – wow – see you there!) and provides info about “hidden gems” (little-known places to visit) as well as deets about all of San Francisco’s big attractions (except Chinatown). I’m using it to plan my next visit to my favorite city. And now I know which SF beach was the birthplace of Burning Man.

Fun & Fab SF Waterfront
by MellowCello
As a long-time SF resident, I’ve walked or biked along the waterfront thousands of times, but I’ve never gotten used to its astonishing beauty and diversity. And this wonderful app has captured the essence of the city’s amazing waterfront. All the major attractions are here, as they should be—but so are the lesser-known treasures…even a few I myself did not know about. You expect to read about Fisherman’s Wharf, but not the quiet coastal bluffs where you can contemplate a stunning view or the hidden hiking trail in the Presidio. Along with the high-rated restaurants are great delis to gather a knockout picnic. Who knew there were a dozen major works of sculpture in that park on Jackson Street near the Embarcadero? And I had no idea that Hyde Street Pier offers a free sea shanty concert one night a month! Best thing: the writing in this app manages to be breezy, informative and humorous at the same time. In my book—or maybe I should say in my app—this one’s a win!

The Waterfront Unplugged
by Celebration Traveler

If you equate the waterfront with a wall of tourists and tacky attractions, you should get this app. No matter how often you come to San Francisco, there’s always something new to discover, especially around Fisherman’s Wharf and along the Embarcadero promenade. When I clicked the map view, I found myself in the middle of a treasure trove. I love the happy hour $1 oysters at WaterBar, especially when the moon is rising over the Bay Bridge. This waterfront app is a prime tool for tourists who want to be in-the-know when they’re on the scene.

by Califlyguy
As a commercial airline pilot, I often find myself exploring great dities, with little information to guide me. I am normally stuck with an average “city guide” that is full of advertising and a small map. This app changed the game for me in San Francisco. I will be able to easily explore many parts of the Waterfront that I would never have found on my own. Being able to create a plan to maximize my time is a great benefit of this app. We pilots share our great finds with each other, and I will be telling my fellow pilots about this find! With this app, I can make suggestions to my co workers while I’m talking to them on the phone. I will be able to use this single app for many more visits to San Francisco and have at my fingertips too many things to see, do, and explore … put me on the gotta-buy list.

Good info about the waterfront
by travguy
I found this app useful for all its info about the waterfront. As I walked the waterfront, I wondered about the fish below the surface of the water. The app talked about Aquarium of the Bay, at Pier 39, where I could see the species of fish in the Bay. That was interesting. I’d recommend this app as a companion when you walk the waterfront.

Fun for everyone, tourists and locals alike!
by MarcMDL430
Everyone knows that San Francisco is a world class city and that there is so much to do throughout the peninsula. But there is so much to see and do “from bridge to ballpark” that makes this app a perfect guide for the first time tourist, the casual visitor, and even to the long time resident. for the first-timers, chances are the waterfront will garner most of your time and attention and this guide has everything you’ll need. For locals, you’re bound to say, “Oh yeah, I forgot about that place,” and you’ll have a most convenient guide to plan a lunch stop or meet up with friends. I live right across the bay and yet I am glad to have this perfect little resource in my pocket when I need it.

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