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Golden Gate Bridge—The world’s most beautiful bridge

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The Golden Gate Bridge is often called “The World’s Most Beautiful Bridge” and “The World’s Most Famous Bridge.” It’s said to be one of the most recognized symbols on the entire planet.

The spectacular 1.7-mile structure has been the subject of countless books and has been featured in dozens of movies, including classics like Dirty Harry, Vertigo, and Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was practically another starring character in a few TV series (Nash Bridges, Streets of San Francisco, and Monk). And it just may be the most-photographed man-made structure of all time.

With so much hype you almost expect people who lay eyes on the Bridge for the first time to go away disappointed, but they never do. In fact, even those who have lived around the bridge for years, who travel across it regularly, who have seen it from all angles, who know its every mood — in glittering sun or blanketed fog or thick driving rain — even we marvel over its existence at each new encounter.

Here are a few good ways to experience the Bridge up close:

  • Walk across it. The east sidewalk is open every day of the year during daylight hours. Wheelchairs permitted. See the website below for details and parking info.
  • Bike across it. At certain times the east sidewalk is closed to bicyclists, who then use the west sidewalk. See the website below for specific times and other details.
  • Drive your car or take a bus across. Both Golden Gate Transit and San Francisco Muni will take you from within San Francisco to the southern end of the Bridge.
  • Take a boat tour. Most Bay cruises go to or under the Bridge.
  • Visit the Bridge’s Gift Center. It’s located in the historic Roundhouse (the original 1938 restaurant for motorists) on the southeast side. You’ll find books, posters, and souvenirs. Nearby you can see a cross-section of one of the huge main cables on the Bridge. The Roundhouse is also home to a café that serves salads and light snacks.

Tip: You never know when that fog is going to roll in (it’s part of the mystique), so dress in layers.

SF Waterfront Editors Recommend:

Cover of Golden Gate Bridge by Kevin StarrGolden Gate: The Life and Times of America’s Greatest Bridge—On its 1937 completion, the Golden Gate Bridge was the longest suspension bridge in the world. In this book, noted California historian Kevin Starr traces the bridge’s construction from start to finish, offering fascinating stories and compelling details along the way. This incredibly engrossing book tackles an epic story—encompassing geology, money, human foibles, architectural beauty, engineering ingenuity, and so much more—and moves it swiftly along to completion. And in only 200 pages! About $15. Learn more about or buy Golden Gate: The Life and Times of America’s Greatest Bridge.

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100 Views of the Golden Gate Bridge: Professional photographer/writer Harold Davis has created a collection of more than 100 striking photographs of the magnificent Golden Gate–the strait that connects San Francisco Bay to the Pacific Ocean and the Bridge itself. The photographs are taken from different vantage points, at different times of day and night, and in all seasons. Awash in color and mood, the all-color digital images in this book show that the Golden Gate is worth a look again and again and again. Truly a celebration of San Francisco’s iconic bridge, this book is perfect for anyone who loves San Francisco. Abour $22. Learn more about or buy 100 Views of the Golden Gate.

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