The only App that combines San Francisco Waterfront Attractions and America’s Cup Info

in America's Cup

America's Cup sailing in San Francisco BVayExplore the most popular part of San Francisco—the waterfront—during the city’s superstar time on the world stage—America’s Cup!

Because it’s America’s Cup, you’ll thrill to the sight of the fastest yachts in history racing across the cityfront and out under the Golden Gate Bridge. You’ll meet the greatest sailors on earth, delve into the history of the world’s oldest international sports event, and share in the non-stop celebration.

Because it’s San Francisco, you’ll dine at a Michelin-starred restaurant, ride a cable car halfway to the stars, see Alcatraz from inside a cell, cheer on the World Series-winning SF Giants, stroll across the Golden Gate Bridge, eat a just-caught crab at Fisherman’s Wharf…

If you’re planning to visit San Francisco for America’s Cup, for business or for some other pleasure, you need this definitive guide.


  • Discover the best places to watch the America’s Cup action, brush up on your sailing lingo, and meet the America’s Cup athletes.
  • Let a pro show you how to crack crab on Fisherman’s Wharf.
  • Find the perfect restaurant, whether you’re after cheap eats, a romantic view, or a celebrity chef.
  • Walk or bike across the Golden Gate Bridge after learning about its history and viewing gorgeous slides that show it from the tiniest rivet to full-length span.
  • Explore your passions with our custom tours, such as Chocoholic Pilgrimage, Historic Ship Hop, and more.
  • Free downloads: San Francisco bike and hiking maps, America’s Cup info, Accessibility Guides, and a wealth of other helpful information.


  • Best App on my phone!
  • Brilliant! All my favorite spots are covered plus some new little goodies to explore.
  • I love it. Lots of interesting stuff to read, useful links, distance to each site, button to call a cab, etc. Very functional and clever.
  • I found so many “Who knew?” items about San Francisco’s waterfront!
  • The app is a whole city in itself—I’m already using it every time I’m in SF.
  • This app is a perfect guide for the first time tourist, the casual visitor, and even to the longtime resident.


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