Post image for San Francisco Waterfront Challenge — August 10

San Francisco Waterfront Challenge — August 10

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Tell us where this photo was taken,
and you may win …

A $20 gift certificate at Cioppino’s

How to win:

Be the first person to tell us where along the San Francisco waterfront this photo was taken—that’s it! Just email your answer to: Complete San Francisco Waterfront Challenge rules are below.

For our out-of-town friends:

You can still compete in the San Francisco Waterfront Challenge, even if you aren’t in town. This photo can also be found in the San Francisco Waterfront iPhone app, available for $2.99 in the iTunes Store.

For our too-busy-to-bother friends:

Yes, you can play, too. You can find the photo—and its location—in the San Francisco Waterfront iPhone app, available for $2.99 in the iTunes Store. And what’s $2.99 among friends?

This week’s prize: A $20 gift certificate at Cioppino’s

Cioppino at Cioppino'sThe folks at Cioppino’s are third-generation native San Franciscans who take great pride in both their city and their restaurant. How did they name the restaurant? We’ll let them explain:

“Cioppino is a lusty and flavorful seafood soup which is uniquely San Franciscan. The origin of both the dish and the name came from the Italian fishermen in the early 1900’s, when Fisherman’s Wharf was still called Meigg’s Wharf. Someone would make the rounds of the moored fishing boats, calling out for for contributions to a common, festive stew. One fisherman would toss a nice, fat fish into the bucket, another would drop in a succulent Dungeness crab, another some herbs and vegetables. The cry that prompted each contribution was: Chip In!, Chip In!”  But coming from an Italian throat, this American slang had to end in a vowel. And the “in” was, of course “een.” So “Chip-een-o” was born.

“It’s been 100 years, but the Italian fishermen are still here, and so is Cioppino, which is our signature dish. Our Cioppino is so good we named our restaurant after it.”

We’re sure you’ll want to find out for yourself how flavorful the cioppino is at Cioppino’s, so don’t delay: Send your best guess about where this photo was taken to

The fine print:

  1. Emails must be addressed to
  2. Winners will determined by San Francisco Waterfront website authors, and will be at their sole discretion. Winners must agree to all terms of the contest.
  3. Winners will be named and congratulated each week on the San Francisco Waterfront website. By entering the contest, participants give their permission to be identified, if they win, by name and city. (We hope you’ll allow us to post your photo, too, so get it ready!)
  4. All entrants must be over 18. State and local rules apply.
  5. Individuals may collect prizes a maximum of two times during the six-month promotion.
  6. Prizes have reasonable expiration dates.

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