SF Waterfront’s Tax-Day Havens

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The tax authority cometh again—even to the blissful San Francisco Waterfront. If those mean ol’ tax woes have got you down, fear not. We’ve found a few methods in the SF Waterfront app that are guaranteed to ease the pain:

  • Go fly a kite! If you do it in a scenic spot like the Marina Green—offering up non-stop views of ships under sail, the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and Angel islands, Marin County and Mount Tamalpais—taxes lose their bite. For a while, at least.
  • Strong-arm those woes right outta your bod with a massive dose of decadence on a chocoholic walking tour. Oh, the things you’ll see (and gobble)! We suggest ending up at TCHO with a power shot of the hard stuff: pure, sin-filled “drinking chocolate.”
  • Get soulful and mournful at Lou’s Pier 47 Blues Club. Soulful with the Jambalaya, mournful with the Blues. And don’t neglect a snootful or two of something or other to wash it all down nice ‘n easy.
  • If you find it hard to see straight when you leave the Blues behind, head over to the Museum of Vision.
  • Shop till you drop, but do it somewhere delightfully tasteful and trendy. We suggest getting into the South Beach Design Dance and picking up something for your home that you just can’t live without. Until the tax authority cometh and taketh it.
  • And if you’re really, really feeling desperate? Go drown your sorrows at Aquarium of the Bay.

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