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St. Patty’s Day on SF’s Waterfront = Buena Vista

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What’s St. Patrick’s Day without an Irish Coffee, an Irish Whiskey (Jameson’s, Tullamore Dew, or Tyrconnell are best), or–for the truly decadent–an Irish Cream.

And what’s San Francisco without its gorgeous waterfront?

Enjoy both this Thursday, March 17, by heading to the Buena Vista Cafe. One of the most famous Irish pubs in the nation, it’s the 1952 birthplace of America’s version of Irish Coffee. The last time we checked they were pouring Tullamore Dew into more than 2,000 Irish Coffees per day (and certainly the number leaps on St. P Day).  The address: 2765 Hyde Street at Beach, at the foot of Ghirardelli Square.

If you’re gonna stay home, get prepared to make your own by checking out the BV’s photo-laden, step-by-step instructions for the perfect Irish Coffee. And of course you’ll want to have the perfect Irish Coffee mugs on hand (the 5-star rated Libbey Milan 4-Piece Set).

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