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TCHO Chocolates—Seriously delicious dark chocolate

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What do you get when you combine a chocolatier, a former NASA technologist, and a founder of Wired magazine? You get Tech Chocolate, or TCHO, with a small, conveniently located tasting room right on the Embarcadero.

These guys take their “tasting” seriously. Begin by listening to your chocolate (“It’s more important than you might think.”) Next, give your chocolate a little massage, to warm it up and release some of the locked-in aroma. (“Different smells can indicate different parts of the world, and even specific bean breeds.”) Finally, treat your taste buds to some dark chocolatey goodness. You may detect fudgy caramel notes, hints of lavender, or malty undertones. Pay attention to the length of the aftertaste, or “tail,” as well. And above all, enjoy!

Tip: True to their science-obsessed nature and high-tech heritage, the chocolatiers at TCHO invite customers to help with product development with limited run, “beta editions“ available via the website.

Tip: Ask the chocista for a shot of “drinking chocolate.”

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