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Yin & Yang Sculpture

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Photo, Yin or Yang?, courtesy Suzanne Rodriguez.

San Francisco’s waterfront is rich with public art, ranging from classic heroic figurative pieces to controversial contemporary funk.

Among the latter are two whimsical heads, Yin and Yang, located  in the park adjacent to Justin Herman Plaza. They were created by sculptor Robert Arneson, a founding father of the contemporary ceramic sculpture movement, in 1992. Arneson combined offbeat humor and satire with Pop-art sensibility to create works of wicked satire.

Ying and Yang, part of Arneson’s larger “Egghead” series, are made of bronze with a white patina. The giant heads seem to be puzzled by something–perhaps the latest economic news.

SF Waterfront Editors Recommend…

Through much of his career, internationally-acclaimed artist Robert Arneson concentrated on making ceramic sculptures either of himself or of commonplace objects from bricks to toasters and telephones. Arneson’s sculptures of the stuff of everyday life challenge the practice of separating ‘craft’ from ‘art’ and, more generally, the practice of excluding everyday objects from the sphere of the museum. The author discusses the sculptor’s role in the formation of Pop art and his eerie foreshadowing of certain of the politically charged themes chosen by many recent artists. Arneson and the Object offers color reproductions of all the works in the 2004 exhibition at the Palmer Museum and the text of a hitherto unpublished interview with the sculptor’s widow, Sandra Shannonhouse, and his student, Stephen Kaltenbach.

Price: $25. Buy or learn more about Arneson And The Object.

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